Your Handbag Says A Lot About You

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Your Handbag Says A Lot About You

We may or may not pay attention to them but our handbags are an extension of our personalities.

Check out what your handbag says about your personality:

1) Tote Bags – Highly opinionated and very busy

If you’re a sucker for tote bags then you’re likely a very opinionated person who isn’t afraid to express her views even if they may not be appreciated. Tote bags are one of the most common giveaways at tradeshows and events and usually have attention grabbing messages printed on them.

It’s not just about how tote bags look that make them so popular, they are also wonderfully convenient, you can fit just about anything into a tote bag with no trouble at all – making it perfect for ladies who have a lot to do.

2) ‘Fun’ky handbags – It’s all about making an impression

These are handbags that are meant to grab your attention but may not be the most practical. Ladies walking around with these bags only carry the necessities. According to them, all you need with you is your wallet, keys, phone and you’re good to go. They don’t care about what else they may or may not need – minimalism is their mantra.

3) Shoulder bag girls – Fashionable yet practical

Shoulder bags are usually stylish and they come with a bunch of compartments that make them practical too. A designer shoulder bag is the ultimate status symbol for ladies; many of which will continue to work hard to further expand their collection. A shoulder bag says that you care about functionality but style is important to you too.

4) Hard-held clutches – Life of the party

The small hard-held clutches are perfect for party lovers. No one wants to be carrying around a big heavy shoulder bag at the club. These ladies live in the moment, enjoy socializing, dancing and just being young.

5) Briefcase carriers – confident and career oriented

Ladies with briefcase carriers are some of the most confident and goal-oriented women out there. They are in complete control of where their career is headed. They have things to do, places to be and aren’t going to let anyone get in their way!

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