The Hairy Girl’s Guide to Best Hair Removal Products

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Hair Removal Products

All women desire thick and luscious, shiny hair – just not all over their body!
For ladies with body hair problems, life can be difficult, especially if they don’t know the best options to start with. Sure, your mom’s recommending you get a wax (ouch!) or simply leave it as it is (no problem with that). But if you’re one who likes smooth silky skin, these two should not be the only options.

But don’t worry! Here, we offer some info on the best choices and which one’s right for your hair type, including the option of wax. Ladies, it’s not as bad as the movies make it!

Let’s Learn about Hair Removal Products


Let’s start with shaving.

As the go-to solution, most women go for shaving as a quick fix. Razors clip the hair closest to the skin, and give your skin the appearance of smoothness. And while many women worry that perhaps their hair will grow coarser, the truth is that there’s no evidence for this.

Shaving removes the fine tip of the hair that makes it appear soft. So when the hair grows back, it feels rougher.

For a good shave, always use your razor when your skin is wet and lathered with soap, or shaving cream. Replace dull blades, especially if there are signs of rusting. Just remember to shave in the direction of your hair growth to prevent ingrown hair. Results last for 1–3 days.


Waxing is painful but only if you get someone inexperienced for it. Yes, waxing does use wax to rip the hair from the roots. But if it’s done quickly, and with a professional hand, the process goes by pretty quickly.

Professional cosmetologists use sticky (hot or cold) liquids over the shaggy areas of your body and use paper or cloth strips to pull the hair away. If done at home, it’s important to know which kit is right for you, in case you have allergies. Wax should be at tolerable temperature and should be applied in the direction the hair growth, with the strapped pulled in the opposite direction. If your skin is sensitive, you may have redness and bumps in later days but after that, it’ll be smooth sailing for next 3–6 weeks.

Depilatory Creams

We’ve all used these. As a suitable alternative for pubescent you, depilatory creams work to dissolve the hair and are usually best for under arms, legs and bikini lines. However, don’t make the mistake of using these on your face.

Depilatory creams for your face are made with a special formula to target that peach fuzz. Results usually last for a few days since you don’t actually remove the hair from the root. Those with sensitive skin may have skin irritation if the cream is not used properly.

Finding the Best Option

Choosing the right option depends on your hair type and skin.
Ladies with thicker hair can opt for waxing since continuous removal weakens hair follicles until they eventually stop growing. Otherwise, women can opt for the trusted razor or cream for their hair removal.
The best hair removal products are those that offer comfort and a solution. Shop at TroveCart for the right hair remover by keeping the above info in mind!

The Hairy Girl’s Guide to Best Hair Removal Products

For ladies with body hair problems, life can be difficult, especially if they don’t know the best options to start with.

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