Myths About Pump Shoes You Shouldn’t Believe

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Myths About Pump Shoes

Pumps are quite the trendy and sophisticated accessory to have in your arsenal, something most women will agree with. They offer a sleek look that can instill in any girl the confidence of a superstar—walking out the door in pumps is like walking on the runway, and you’re the main attraction.

With the variety of designs and styles of pump shoes available, one thing is consistent. The heels are awe-inspiring, elevating you in a way that does wonders for crafting an impressive image.
It may just be wishful thinking, but heels do give you a kind of silhouette and self-confidence that makes you never want to take them off.
If you’re a novice in this regard, then not to fret—your first-time shopping for pumps and wearing them out will be an Experience, with a capital E!
However, in your bid to find the right kind of pump shoes for you, it’s important not to get sucked into the vortex of the many misconceptions surrounding this very fashionable accessory.

Varicose Veins and Other Health Complications

There is a lot of hubbub surrounding the idea that heels can cause a number of health complications.
These include joint problems, varicose veins, back issues, and more. While it is true that wearing considerably high heels for a long-term period is likely to not bode too well for your health, they are not necessarily the cause of all the aforementioned problems.
Particularly in the care of varicose veins—if you are someone who is genetically predisposed to get them, you will, regardless of your pumps wearing habits.

Heels Give Your Legs a Workout

Some people also seem to think that wearing pump shoes tends to lead to bigger calves. In the same vein, they claim that wearing heels leads to giving your butt and calf muscles quite the workout. If you notice your legs looking thicker than usual, then it’s certainly not because of the heels. They really aren’t giving your muscles the kind of workout you think they are.

Heels Give Your Legs a Workout

Pregnant Women Wearing Pumps Harm the Baby

While it’s generally advisable for pregnant women to avoid wearing pumps, it’s certainly not because heels have any impact on the development of the baby. It is purely for the reason that it’s particularly easy to trip and fall while wearing heels, and that is harmful for both mother and baby.
With all that said, it’s important to realize that it’s essential to choose the right sizing when shopping for your heels. Make sure you can walk in them with ease, and you can even make use of padding and other tricks to enhance your comfort.
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Myths About Pump Shoes You Shouldn’t Believe

Pumps are quite the trendy and sophisticated accessory to have in your arsenal, something most women will agree with.

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