What to pack in your hospital bag: your complete checklist

Now’s the time to gather together all the essentials you’ll need during labour and birth and for after your baby is born. Even if you’re not planning a hospital birth, you may need to go in unexpectedly, so try to have a bag packed by the time you are about 36 weeks pregnant.

Hospitals vary in their policies about what you are allowed to bring with you when you have your baby. You may want to take a few items from home, such as your own pillows, to make the environment more personal. But be aware that hospitals can be short on space.

If you want, pack two bags: one for labour and the hours immediately after your baby is born, and another for a stay on the postnatal ward.
If you’re driving to hospital, you could leave the second bag in the car. If you have a straightforward birth, you may leave hospital on the same day and not need the second bag at all.

What should I pack for labour?

What should my birth partner pack?

What shall I pack for after the birth?

What should I pack for my baby?


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Hospital bag for labor checklist – what to pack for your labor

What to pack in hospital bag for labor you give birth, including an easy-to-follow packing checklist to download and print

If you’re having a hospital birth, you’ll need to bring a bunch of things with you for your labour and time on the maternity ward. Your main hospital bag will have essentials for labour and straight after birth. There’s lots to pack, from the practical – birth plan, any medical notes, breast pads and maternity pads – to the more comfy – clothes and toiletries. But hang on, isn’t there more…

One bag or four?

While we all say ‘hospital bag’, it actually makes more sense and will be more practical come labour time if you’ve packed more than one.

There are really four hospital bags to think about:

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